NZMIS is an on-line Maori advocacy group formed 1997 and incorporated in 2000 that represents and consults with the online Maori community. NZMIS is a bottom up, transparent organisation that is the voice of its members. NMIZS has over 2000 active members. We are the only authoritative and grass roots level Maori ICT group and the only group with a well proven track record and experts.

NZMIS represents the on-line Maori community at all levels of society from representation, safety, education and Internet governance. We lobby politicians about new laws and proposals, the internet governing body of the world and in New Zealand. We also assist individuals  Iwi and other groups with on-line issues such as racism, Intellectual Property theft, cyber bullying, representation, education or seeking an appropriate organisation to seek further assistance from. We are often asked to recommend experts to various panels and advisory roles due to our long established and neutral ethics.

The web is in a new era of some of the most significant changes that have multiple serious effects on Māori culture and Intellectual Property for decades to come. This includes Spectrum, Broadband, Copyright and new domain names. NZMIS are on the forefront to represent its members and to provide education.

Our Māori name Te Whanau Ipurangi encompasses what we are, an on-line family that educate, represent and form partnerships. We consider ourselves as the Tuakana and our members as the Teina. We have assisted numerous whanau, Iwi and individuals with Internet related issues that range from cyber bullying to Intellectual Property theft.

In 2012 we merged with five other Māori Internet groups including the Aotearoa Māori Internet Organisation (AMIO), New Zealand Maori Internet Society (MIS) and a Māori ICT user Group and the Māori Net Hui participants group. We are forming strategic partnerships and new mergers with other organisations and will announce the new mergers as they occur.

Membership is open and encouraged.